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SEO Company UK

The purpose of SEO (search engine optimisation), is to make your website easy for a searcher to find your site. To do it properly takes time to do properly, which could be more effectively spent running your businesses/charities/blogs.

SEO is not an exact science and the huge volume of data is open to interpretation. Shortlisting a good seo company uk who can deliver is no easy task.

Please read on to see how we can help you.

Search Intent

There has been a lot of of fascinating research on the psychological and practical aspects of search intent but it’s a good idea to try and watch yourself actually do a search.

  • How far do you scroll down the first page?
  • What influences you to click on a search result?
  • Are you aware of any bias to/from Sponsored ads (where the advertiser pays for the advert)
  • How often do you click the 2nd page (with your original search term)?
  • How long will you spend on a website looking for an answer to your search term? (bounce rate)

What You Need To Do As A Website Owner

You need to find out what keyword a searcher will type into the search bar to get to your web page. Your webpage should answer the searcher’s question better than the competition. So, it’s a good idea to keep your keywords thematically relevant. Note that we said ‘web page‘ and not ‘website‘. The reason is because it’s your web page that will answer your visitors query most accurately.

Here’s a great article from Tim Soulo from Ahrefs explaining keyword research and it’s well worth a read.

Not sure how to do this? We do and we can help you.

So if you ask us to do SEO on your website, what will we do?

On-page SEO optimisation

Here’s a brief summary;

  • Check your website and all it’s pages for current ranking data.
  • Filter & capitalise on keywords that your website already ranks for.
  • Analyse your competitors.
  • Carry out keyword research, after researching your goals.
  • Filter and utilise the best performing keywords.
  • Set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics and link to your website.
  • Add & verify site map and robots text file for website
  • Run a technical audit on your entire website and rectify issues.
  • Optimise existing pages that show good potential.
  • Add optimised content to try and beat top ranking pages for selected keywords.
  • Start on the next priority web page and repeat the above processes.
  • Collaborate with you on link-worthy content creation for new pages, based on keyword research.

Off page SEO optimisation

  • Run a sitewide backlink audit and check for harmful backlinks.
  • Remove harmful backlinks.
  • Start a link building program.
  • Monitor progress and continue data-driven content creation & promotion.

Social media

Everybody says you have to jump on the social media bandwagon – it’s buzzing they say.

Here’s what we say;

If you competitors are doing it, then it’s certainly worth investigating.

Warning! It takes time and commitment.

We can help you

About Link Building

In the process of us doing a link building program to your website there are two issues.

  • You need links to enhance your rankings, especially in competitive niches.
  • Website owners are reluctant to give you links unless it enhances their own website.

There are 2 takeaways from this;

  • You should create ‘link-worthy’ content that higher domain rank website owners would find valuable.
  • Careful internal link-building is the first step because you have full control.
  • Don’t be tempted to ‘buy’ links as it is against search engine’s terms of service. It’s definitely not worth the risk!

Here is a great explanation of link building from the brilliant Brian Dean of Backlinko

See what I just did?

We have just given the Backlinko website a link but why?

  • It enhances our website.
  • It demonstrates a great way to create content that is link-worthy.
  • Backlinko have no say in how I structure my backlink to them.
  • I am however, able to choose the structure of backlinks when I’m building backlinks to my site and that is where you have to be careful.
  • Why? Because the Google Penguin will eat your website!

Confused? Don’t worry! If you always keep in mind to give your visitors the best experience possible, you will stay clear of Google updates and keep on the right side of future updates.

Note that Google is the largest search engine and we have mentioned them a great deal but there are others, notably Bing.

We can we help you get your website more visibility in the search engines.