Web Design Company

Is choosing a web design company like choosing a car?

Do you select the cheapest model or do you spend a fortune for a state of the art supercar?

Well, we’re experienced enough to know that it doesn’t necessarily work that way.
True, as far as quality is concerned, you generally get what you pay for but you can get great quality for a very affordable price and that’s what we do!

For instance, the Fiat 500 is an inexpensive model but the quality is excellent.

What do you want your website to be?

  • Fun and funky? Fiat 500
  • Hard working and dependable? Ford Transit
  • Professional or Executive? Mercedes

Web Design Company can provide websites for a very affordable price. We can make your website look the way you want!

All websites are built on the world-class WordPress Platform. Here’s why we use WordPress

Here’s just some, of the many services, Web Design Company provide;

  • We can design your website exactly the way you want it
  • We can provide basic websites
  • Yes, we use template blocks because they’re fast, affordable and infinitely customisable.
  • We can provide ecommerce websites for your online shop
  • We can add as many pages as you want
  • We’ll upload your own images to your instructions, (we can also source suitable free and paid images)
  • We’ll upload your own text to your instructions (but we recommend our SEO services to get high rankings)
  • We can provide most website-related services at a very competitive cost.
  • We specialise in helping small businesses, charities and bloggers and anyone else that needs help.
  • We can work with competitive niche businesses
  • We can get your website high on the search engines to maximise traffic
  • We can provide assistance on your own web development

Choosing a website is as individual as you are.

It’s your business or your charity or your blog. You’ve worked really hard on it and you want your website to reflect your vision.

That’s why Web Design Company takes the time to fact-find. We will help you search the internet and shortlist some websites that are in alignment with your vision. Why? Because these shortlisted websites are already working well.

We see this as a collaborative approach and clients prefer this method because they are involved at all stages of web development. After all, it’s really exciting to see your vision come to life!

Conversely, it’s heart-breaking to see a disappointing website, after spending time and money.

Need changes/alterations during the design phase? No problem! Want feedback on an idea you have? We are the web development experts. We can implement your innovative ideas because you know your industry best.

When your website is built to your complete satisfaction, you have some options to consider.

  • Are you happy to take over and keep your website updated and to carry out modifications yourself? It’s really easy to do on the WordPress platform. Need help? We’re here for you!
  • Do you have time to perform site-wide technical and on-page optimisation on your own? We can help you if you need us.
  • Are you conversant with off-page SEO techniques like link-building and social media management. Local, national and international SEO? Yes, we’re still here!
  • Are you happy to administer your hosting environment, resource management, backups/recovery, uptime and speed monitoring? Just ask!

We can assist you as little or as much as you need for as long as you need us.

We’re very flexible and we would love to work with you on your next project!

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