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Why Use WordPress (2021)

In this post you’ll find out:

If you are looking to build a website for any purpose, you may have asked yourself; Why Use WordPress. You will no doubt have considered other platforms like Wix, and Shopify. All of these are content management systems (CMS) that are used to create websites.

When designing and developing a website, it’s important that the CMS you select can meet your requirements in the long term to prevent needing to switch to a new platform in the future; a process that can be both costly and time consuming and can be disastrous for seo if not done correctly.

WordPress has solidified itself as the most successful CMS on the market right now, with over 40% of websites being built on it from bloggers and photographers to industry bodies and Fortune 500 company websites.

In this article, we take a look at the features that make WordPress the best choice for your next website; comparing it with other popular platforms on factors such as design options, pricing, and SEO.

What Is And Why Use WordPress?

Released in May 2013, WordPress is a free and open-source CMS that allows anyone to create a website or blog in minutes.

Whilst it first began predominately as a blogging platform, WordPress is now a powerful option for any type of website thanks to its dedicated community and library of themes and plugins.

If you haven’t already heard of WordPress, chances are you’ve heard of some of the websites that use it – do Sony, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg ring any bells?

So, What Makes WordPress So Great?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of WordPress is that it is open-source software. When software is open-source, it means that the code is available for anyone to view and modify.

In practice, this means that developers can see, modify and redistribute the code to make improvements, fix bugs, develop new plugins and constantly improve the platform.

Unlike other website builders, there is no vendor lock-in or additional charges from WordPress to make customisations beyond what the builder allows as standard.

Free To Use

  • With WordPress being open source, anyone can download, view, edit and modify the code as they wish without spending a penny.
  • This makes WordPress an excellent choice for those that are starting out and have a limited budget, such as a hobby site, personal blog, or small business website.
  • Of course, as any website owner should expect, there are some additional costs to having a website that’s built on WordPress.
  • You will need to pay for hosting, this is like paying for broadband. The cost of this will be dependent on your needs but many hosting companies will offer a package specifically designed for WordPress.
  • A domain name will also be required, these can be purchased fairly cheaply dependent on the name. Usually, a hosting company will also offer domain name registration as a service.
  • Finally, you may incur costs as a result of enhancing your website further through premium themes, plugins, and development costs from external suppliers.
  • Totally Scalable to Your Needs

Because the platform is so flexible, it can be used for just about any type of website; from personal portfolio websites and blogs to large eCommerce operations and online magazines.

Unlike other website builders, you are not bound to ‘packages’ which only grow in price with your business and can access the same functionality regardless of how big your business is.

If your business is growing, WordPress is an ideal choice of CMS as it can scale and adapt to your needs – with addons and fully customisable software meaning you can always shape the platform to do what you need it to.

Easy To Learn

Whilst it’s not quite as simple as website builders like Wix, WordPress allows you to design and deploy a professional looking website without having to understand coding languages like HTML and CSS.

Of course, having these skills will enable you to leverage the power of the platform better and make customisations to your website beyond the limitations of the theme you are using.

WordPress itself is fairly easy to learn and the popularity of the platform means that there are endless resources available on the web for anyone to start learning.

Easy to Manage

Once your WordPress website is up and running, it does not take a considerable amount of maintenance to keep things going smoothly.

Of course, a website is always a ‘work in progress to some degree, but the only key tasks you will need to worry about are:

  • Checking that your website is not down. This can be done manually or by using downtime monitoring tools.
  • Carrying out security checks to ensure your website is not compromised. Plugins come in handy here.
  • Taking backups in case the website goes down. Again, plugins can be used here and most hosting companies will also take regular backups.
  • Managing enquiries and sales made through the website.
  • Updating plugins and themes to the latest versions.

You Are In Control

Unlike other website builders which rely on packages, expensive add-ons, and inflexible code which does not allow you to make considerable changes – WordPress puts you in control.

From the theme you choose to the code you add, WordPress can be customised in a way that beats most other website builders hands down.

What’s more, because WordPress is free, it’s not possible to lose access to the system and see all your hard work go to waste if you no longer wish to pay a subscription.

The Blogging Rocks

At its heart, WordPress is a blogging platform.

With advanced styling and formatting tools, authors can create blog posts from within the WordPress platform before publishing them directly on their site.

Media including images, videos and audio can be added to bring the story to life and WordPress plays nicely with social media which allows site owners to push their content out in front of wider audiences at the click of a button.

Security is also considered, with website administrators able to add new users with a defined level of access that lets them create blog posts but not alter anything with the website fundamentally.

Engaged and Responsive Community

WordPress is a community based platform that’s been improved upon over the years by tens of thousands of talented developers who have shaped the product into what it is today.

In addition to a core team of developers, there are hundreds of community members who contribute to forums, help fix bugs and create custom themes and plugins for the platform; both free and paid.

Within the plugin repository, every plugin has its own support page where website owners can post their problems or questions to be answered by other users or by the plugin developer.

What’s more, due to the popularity of the platform, there are hundreds of groups on social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn where website owners and developers alike discuss all things WordPress.

Powerful eCommerce

2020 was the year that eCommerce exploded and it’s a trend we expect to see continue.

With more of us preferring to buy items online, businesses have had to pivot quickly, to facilitate the sale of products from their own website.

Whilst most website builders can do either or, WordPress can do both – offering a powerful CMS that can be fitted with eCommerce functionality to allow you to sell products.

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin built on WordPress which allows any WordPress site owner to start selling products and taking payments directly through their website.

There Are Thousands of Themes Available

Rather than coding and styling a website from the ground up which takes a long time and requires advanced knowledge, WordPress offers themes to give you a template to build from.

Themes allow you to create a professional looking site quickly and whilst some styles will be hardcoded, they are usually pretty customisable which allows you to style different elements to suit your brand.

Should you wish to make changes beyond the limitations of the themes styling options, WordPress allows you to utilise custom CSS to style different elements.

As well as from the official WordPress theme repository, website owners can branch out further and purchase themes from marketplaces such as Themeforest, allowing them to choose from thousands of free and paid for themes.

You Can Upload All Types of Media

As we become more digitally minded, it takes more than text alone to communicate your message effectively and keep users engaged.

Fortunately, WordPress allows you to upload and use all popular media types across your website including video, audio, imagery, and documents such as PDFs.

Better yet, WordPress is compatible with embed codes, meaning you can display videos from popular websites such as YouTube and Vimeo without large files slowing your website down.

You Can Powerup Your Website with Plugins

One of the most uniquely powerful elements of the WordPress platform is plugins. Plugins are add-ons that can be installed on your website to provide additional functionality.

At the time of writing, there are 58,863 plugins available to download on the official WordPress plugin repository, with more on offer at online marketplaces and personal websites.

Popular plugins include those for SEO, security, image compression, sign-up forms, speed, contact forms, calendars, and eCommerce to name but a few.

Most plugins are free but many offer a premium version which gives you extra functionality or unlimited usage of the plugin’s features.

Built With SEO In Mind

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is another term that new website owners are likely to stumble across.

SEO is the process of building and developing your site in a way that’s appealing to search engines to increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic coming to your site.

WordPress websites are SEO-friendly out the box, with pages and posts being crawlable, indexable, and easy to optimise without being versed in the art of SEO.

Further optimisation can be achieved through the use of SEO-friendly themes and plugins which enhance the native functionality and help you get more out of your site through title tags, meta descriptions, focus keywords, schema, speed, and integration with Google products like Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager.

Ability To Manage In House

As website builders go, WordPress is one of the easiest to use.

Whilst some themes can be more complex to use, many utilise a drag and drop functionality which means you can preview what your website will look like before you make the change.

Coupled with fairly low maintenance requirements, many who operate small websites will be able to manage their own WordPress website in-house without needing to pay a provider.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to manage the website yourself, there are several professional providers that provide a management and maintenance service specifically for WordPress websites.

It’s the Market Leader

Whilst being the biggest certainly doesn’t mean being the best – WordPress’ market domination does count in its favour.

First and foremost, as a community based platform, the more users there is, the more interest and support the platform will attract from external developers. As more developers get involved, the platform is more likely to improve at a faster rate.

Furthermore, the larger the platform is, the more people and organisations will start to offer services for it. In the case of WordPress, this means that most hosting companies offer a WordPress package allowing for one click installation and more developers are proficient in the platform meaning you can get additional support as you need it.

Finally, using an established platform offers greater peace of mind as there minimal risk of WordPress disappearing overnight, as could be the case with a small platform if it could no longer sustain the user base.

WordPress vs. Wix and Squarespace

To help you understand how WordPress compares to other competitors, we’ve put WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace head to head on the issues that matter to website owners.

wordpress vs wix vs squarespace

Are There Any Drawbacks To WordPress?

Of course, no software or technology is perfect for everyone’s needs and there may be times where the platform isn’t the best fit for you. WordPress has a few drawbacks which include:

  • Plugins and themes require updates – failing to do these can leave your site vulnerable and cause performance issues. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to keep these updated, many website designers offer a low cost maintenance service.
  • WordPress required more technical knowledge than other website builders, particularly if you wish to make edits beyond the theme’s customisable options.
  • The freedom to edit code means that you may inadvertently make a change that negatively impacts the website – we recommend that you only ever edit code if you know what you are doing and have taken a backup beforehand.
  • As there is no dedicated support team, you are reliant on community support (which is excellent) or external developers to assist you if you experience a problem.

Why Use a Web Development Company?

Despite how easy it is to set up your own website on WordPress, if you are creating a website for commercial reasons – it is highly recommended that you use a web professional to design and deploy the site.

As well as saving you time at every stage of the build, a web development company can help produce a website that meets user intent and looks exactly as you envisaged. Other key benefits of using a web designer include:

  • Web designers often provide a range of additional services such as SEO and PPC to help you get the most out of your website after its built.
  • Ensures your website is responsive across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • Achieve functionality that would not be possible without coding expertise.
  • Has access to professional software to develop and test your site.
  • Ensures that your website is in keeping with the latest web design trends to ensure it meets user expectation
  • Can help you install Google Analytics to track website visitors.

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